Quality acrylic latex house paint formulated for application to a variety of interior and exterior substrates. Its acrylic formula provides excellent coverage that resists fading, streaking and lap marks. It provides excellent touch-up qualities, is mildew and sulfide stain resistant, and offers a weather-resistant finish. Its product versatility allows for application in residential, commercial, architectural and light industrial areas, as well as areas of varying climates. Meets or exceeds Federal Specification TT-P-96D and TT-P-002119 Class I for quality and performance. Mildew Resistant – This paint contains agents that inhibit the growth of mildew on the surface of this paint film. 


Rich Wall Premium Acrylic Ceiling Paint


Specifically formulated to renew old ceilings and wall surfaces. Its special “Spatter Free” formulation provides an easy to apply flat finish that actually minimizes surface defects, resists soiling, provides excellent coverage, and is non-yellowing. It may be tinted to pastel shades of color to add that special decorating touch. It dries overnight to a plaster hard-like finish that provides excellent durability, and is easily applied to both new and previously painted surfaces. For interior use only. 

Richard’s Rust Shield Industrial Zinc Chromate Metal Primer


Professional quality industrial zinc chromate alkyd metal primer, specially formulated for application to a variety of metal surfaces. Its formula is designed to provide superior corrosion protection to both ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates, and is suitable for both smooth and rough metal surfaces. It applies easily, is rust inhibitive, dries fast and provides an excellent base coat for the application of latex, alkyd and oil-base finish coatings. Contains No Lead Pigments! Great for both interior & exterior use. 

Richard’s HOLZOUT 100% Acrylic Primer/Sealer Stain Killer


Specially formulated 100% acrylic, universal primer/sealer that offers excellent product versatility for application to a variety of both interior and exterior surfaces. It meets the performance standards for both professional and residential applications, and its special stain blocking formulation provides excellent block-out of surface stains and surface markings, such as water stains, pencil marks, inks, crayon marks, smoke stains, lipstick, wallpaper, etc. which can bleed through most applied finish paint coatings. Easy to apply, it provides superior coverage, is fast drying, bonds to glossy surfaces, offers excellent sanding properties, and is mildew resistant and meets MPI Standard #39 of the Master Painters Institute’s approved products list. 

Richard's Bond-Crete Silicone/Acrylic Concrete Stain


Durable pigmented masonry waterproofing stain designed to penetrate into unpainted and/or unsealed cementitious surfaces. Its special formulation of solvents, acrylic resin, silicone and color pigments add long lasting beauty to the surface. It helps to seal the surface fully protecting it from powdering, staining and moisture penetration. It dries fast, has a low sheen to minimize slipping, provides excellent weather resistance, wear resistance and offers superior color retention. It may be applied to surface areas coated with a similar concrete stain type product, but is not recommended for application over any other existing paint coatings. Available in 500 White Canvas; 500-DB Deep Base; 500-AC Accent Base; and 10 stock colors. For exterior use. 

Richard's Deck Guard 100% Acrylic Patio & Deck Coating


Specially formulated 100% acrylic floor coating, specifically designed for use on properly prepared pool decks, patios and other cementitious deck surfaces. Its smooth low sheen finish provides excellent weather resistance, hardness and durability which resists fading, peeling and chipping. It applies easily, provides excellent coverage, is mildew resistant, and may be applied to previously painted surfaces. It offers excellent product versatility for application to a variety of interior and exterior applications. Available in 4200-White; 4201-Tint Base; 4202-Deep Base; & 4203-A-Accent Base, as well as 10 stock colors. Meets MPI Standard #127 of the Master Painters Institute approved products list. For interior & exterior use. 

Richard’s Paver Seal Clear Sealer/Finish


Specially formulated clear sealer and finish coating designed for application to brick pavers, concrete floors, and other cementitious type floor substrates. Formulated from solvent thinned 100% acrylic resins, it provides an extremely durable finish that penetrates and seals the surface, while providing excellent resistance to surface powdering, oil and grease stains, and provides superior resistance to moisture. Easy to apply, it provides excellent coverage and adhesion, excellent wear and weather resistance, and it resists yellowing. It provides superior UV resistance, has excellent product versatility, and its high gloss finish enhances the color of the surface, seals and waterproofs the surface, and helps resist hot tire pick-up.

Richard’s Shield’s All Concrete Floor & Driveway Sealer/Finish


Special modified acrylic clear coating, specifically formulated for application as a finish coating for most bare and/or painted concrete substrates. Specially formulated using new technologies in acrylic polymers, it provides a hard and durable gloss finish that also seals the surface, providing excellent wear and abrasion resistance, moisture resistance and easier detergent cleaning. Easy to apply, it offers excellent product versatility allowing for application on a variety of interior and exterior substrates. It seals slightly chalked surfaces, has excellent gloss retention, provides excellent weather resistance, is fast drying and cleans up with water. 

Vinyl Acrylic Latex Traffic Paint YELLOW, BLACK, WHITE, BLUE


An extremely durable lead-free traffic marking paint formulated for a variety of applications. It provides superior resistance to road oils, water and salts, which is commonly used for removing ice from roadways. Provides excellent visibility characteristics for roadways, crosswalks, safety zones, etc. Glass beads may be sifted onto the coating surface immediately after it has been applied to obtain a more reflective value. Formulated to meet Federal Specification TT-P-1952B for quality and performance. For interior & exterior use only.

Richard’s Floor-Tite Waterborne Acrylic Bonding Surfacer


Primes, seals and adheres to bare and previously painted concrete surfaces. Use as a bonding primer or tie coat over aged acrylics, alkyds, solvent acrylic concrete stains, and other coatings on walking and driving surfaces, including stairs, patios, carport and garage floors. This primer is highly alkali and moisture resistant, making it an excellent choice for interior and exterior use. Dries quickly for same-day recoat and cleans up easily with warm soapy water. Great for both Interior & Exterior uses

Richard’s Deck Guard 100% Acrylic Driveway & Floor Coating


 Specially formulated waterborne acrylic floor coating that is specifically designed for use on a variety of vertical and horizontal concrete substrates. Its special formulation provides excellent durability, superior fade resistance and a smooth low sheen finish that resists cracking, peeling and chipping. Easy to apply, it may be applied to previously painted surfaces, properly primed metal surfaces, and previously painted aged concrete stain. It has excellent weathering properties, is mildew resistant, and may be applied to a variety of interior and exterior substrates. 

Great for both interior & exterior use. 



Richard’s Paint has built a reputation based on premium quality paints and coatings. Each of their products are manufactured using only the highest quality pigments, resins, and raw materials available.